Places of Interest

  • Etosha National Park
  • Okashana Agriculture Research centre
  • King Nehale Conservancy (Trophy Hunting)
  • Water Springs
  • Trees
  • Cultural Village
  • Craft Shops
  • King Nehale war against Germans at AMUTUNI
  • Unique Vegetation
  • Springboks & Other Wildlife
  • Traditional food - "Omatumbula"


Oshikoto Regional Council has many responsibilities and powers needed to promote and improve the improve the economic, social, and environmental well being of its citizen in the region, but to achieve these outcomes, council need to work with range of parteners in the public services, local people, business, and the voluntary and community sectors to achieve goals and objectives to the benefit of the ordinary people.

The Mandate of the Oshikoto Regional Council is derived from Chapter 12 of the Namibian Constitution and Regional Council Act No. 22 of 1992 under Section 28 (1).

Henceforth, the Council's mandate is to:

Undertake regional planning, development and the provision of specified government services, so as to uplift the living standards of its people in the Oshikoto Region.

Mission Statement

Our reason for existence is: To proactively, effectively and efficiently spearhead the direction and management of all developmental services in our region, in order to improve the quality of lives of our communities through participatory democracy and good governance. In so doing create a conductive environment for all stakeholders.


To be the leading industrialized of excellence.

Core Values

The core values enlisted bellow express the shared behavior, attitudes, style and practice of the Council's leadership, management and employees;

(a) Commitment

We value and are dedicated to provide the essential and much needed services to our communities and stakeholders.

(b) Integrity

We shall strive to be true to our word, be reliable and honest in our business and financial transactions and will continue uphold the highest ethical standards.

(c) Courtesy & Helpfulness

We shall provide a helpful service; Our staff will be readily identified by customers through wearing name badges.

(d) Transparency

Accountable decisions, based on clear criteria and open to internal & external security. We shall strive, at all times, to be open about how and what we do in the Council and the cost involved in rendering services.

(e) Fairness

We shall ensure that services are available and applied equality to all, ensure that development is equality distributed in all constituencies

(f) Quality of service

We strive to maintain and ensure high quality, effective and efficient service delivery.

(g) Accountability

We committed to personal responsibility for our actions and for achieving our planned outcomes.