Places of Interest

  • Etosha National Park
  • Okashana Agriculture Research centre
  • King Nehale Conservancy (Trophy Hunting)
  • Water Springs
  • Trees
  • Cultural Village
  • Craft Shops
  • King Nehale war against Germans at AMUTUNI
  • Unique Vegetation
  • Springboks & Other Wildlife
  • Traditional food - "Omatumb

Our Services

  • Attend to community complaints and suggestions and forward them to the relevant organisations.
  • Facilitate the OPM funeral fund for SAN, Ovatue and Ovatjimba community
  • Coordinator the CDC meetings as a Secretariat and Convener
  • Coordinate and organize the National events at the Constituency
  • Organize public information awareness meetings
  • Create platforms to solicit information on social- economic development projects for the community
  • Prepare project proposals for the community development projects and forward them to the regional Council for approval
  • Monitor the Constituency Development Projects
  • Facilitate the distribution of the Drought Food Relief and other Emergency relief products
  • Coordinate HIV/AIDS activities in the Constituency
  • Information dissemination to public (legular announcements through different media and on the office notice board)
  • Being a Coordinator of all sector of live and economy.