Project Implemented during 2013/2014

The following projects were implemented during the 2013/2014 financial Year.

  • Construction of streetlight along the B1 road from Onethindi to Ondangwa
  • Construction of sewer reticulation networks and a pumb station at Oniipa/ Onethindi settlement.
  • Construction of sewer and water networks at Onayena settlement
  • Construction of oxidation pond at Oshivelo phase 1.
  • The construction of the trickle filter system at Oniipa/ Onethind settlement is still in progress.

Completed development project in Oshikoto Region

  • Construction of Oshikoto Regional Council Head quarter at Regional capital, Omuthiya
  • Construction 10 Constituency Ofifces and 3 Community halls at constituencies
  • Construction of Omuthiya district hospital
  • Construction of dumping site at Oshivelo, Onayena and Oniipa/Onethindi settlements
  • Construction of Okutopola SME's market at Onethindi
  • Construction of 1660 Rural Sanitation Toilets in the region(N$20 million) during 2011/2012 financial year.The Council is currently busy finalising the construction of toilets in the nine rural costituencies (N$ 3,5 million)

The Ministry of Works has constructed an Office at Omuthiya which is fully functional.

The Ministry of Works has constructed an Office at Omuthiya which is fully functional.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestly has constructed a veternary clinic and accommondation facilities at Omuthiya

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has constructed three Staff accommondation facilities at Omuthiya

The Omuhama SME's park was expanded by the Namibia Development Corporation. The NDC also construted a similar SME's market at Tsumeb.

85 hours were constructed in the region through the Decentrilised Building Together Programme

Project under construction in the Region

  • The Namibia Development Corporation is busy with the construction of the SME's park at Onayena
  • The MoHSS is busy finalizing the construction of regional offices and Staff accommondation facilities at Omuthiya
  • The Ministry of Information Communication and Technology has commenced with the construction of the Regional Offices in Omuthiya
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has constructed a veterinary clinic and accommondation facilities at Omuthiya.
  • At least seven houses will be constructed through the Mass Housing Programme at Onayena and Oshivelo settlement.

Upcoming projects in the Region 2014/2015

  • Construction of Nehale LyaMpingana Constituency Office
  • Construction of bulk services in Oniipa/Onethindi area.
  • Planning of Township at Oshivelo settlement area.

Development of roads infrastructures

Various roads are under construction in the region such as:

  • The gravel road from Omuthiya to Onanke.
  • The gravel road from Iihwali - Epumba
  • The gravel road from Onayena - Omahenge
  • The gravel road from Onalulago - Epembe
  • The gravel road from Amilema - Oshalongo - Omuntele - Uukwiyuushona (currently under demining)
  • The upgrading to bitumen of Oshigambo - Eenhana gravel road.
  • The Upgrading to bitumen of the Onayena - Okankolo gravel road

The following roads are propsed to be constructed in Oshikoto Region.

  • The gravel road from Omuthiya to Onamishu
  • The gravel road from Antoni to Okoloti (Nehale lyaMpingana Constituency
  • The gravel road from Okashanakoomanya - Okoloti
  • The gravel road from Okankolo - Onkumbula - Ohahati - Olukupa - Okongo
  • Upgrading to bitumen of the gravel road from Onyati - Onkumbula
  • Upgrading to bitumen of gravel road from Casablanca - Onalusheshete - Elavi - linking with Tsumeb - Katwitwi road

Planned Capital Project 2014/2015

  • Construction of Nehale Lya Mpingana constituency office
  • Planning and surveying of a new extension at Onayena settlement
  • Construction of service infrastructures at Oniipa settlement

Objectives of the Regional Development Profile

The Oshikoto Regional Council completed its Regional Development Profiles in February 2014.

The Profile was formulated following a directives from the National Planning Commission of Namibia that all Regional Councils should formulate development profiles. Oshikoto Regional Council is one of the few regions that have development the profile within the given time frame.This is owing to the enormous commitment from the Regional Stakeholders.

The Main objectives of Oshikoto Region's regional Development profile are:

a) To serve as guideline to decision and policy makers.

b) To serve as source of information to the donor community, civil society and potential investors.

c) To Facilitate, support and inform the planning as well as the budget allocation for implementation of regional development programmes and projects.


 1. Micro Finance Scheme

This is a scheme aimed at giving free "grant" to viable new or existing micro/small/medium enterprises in the rural areas. People can apply and once successful, the Regional Council can fund the business in the form of grants. A total of 56 SME have benefited so far from this grant since its inception and a total of N$ 2, 620 has been used.

2. Food or Cash for work Programme

The programme has been running since 1996 aimed at creating short term employment opportunities for able bodied rural communities and in the process create/fix and maintain community infrastructure within the region. Rural communities identify public projects they want to improve or establish and once approved, they will be supplied with materials and in return Council compensate their labour with either food rations or cash payments. Projects that qualify are not limited to the following.

3. Rural Employment Scheme

The Rural Employment Scheme aims to financially support any commercial/economic activity within the rural area of the region as long as it has a potential to grow and create employment and reduce poverty. It's a new intervention that is in operation since 2012/2013 financial year.

4. Regional Specific Action Plan

The Region Specific Food Security and Nutrition Action Plan is a plan that is depicting the people's voice on how they perceive and conceptualize problems and what type of interventions they want to happen in their area. This is a 10 years plan from 2006 - 2015. Through this plan Council is implementing some of these proposed interventions.

5. One Region, One Initiative (OROI)

OROI is another initiative/intervention by council to transform local environments to make them more attractive to local residents, tourists and investors. It's a new concept towards rural development; it aims at natural products/resources. Products that are very unique to the region ought to be identified., add value, promote them and market them to other regions. This can be done through this programme

6. Rural Sanitation

Objectives of the Project

Improve rural sanitation facilities in the region

Improve rural hygiene

Create temporary employment with focus on the youth.

Create and/or transfer some skills to the youth..